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Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 4
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 4

Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 8
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 8

Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 3
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 3

Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 5
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 5

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons cost £25 per hour and can be booked as a regular weekly or fortnightly time, or as a one off lesson. Two beginners can share an hour lesson for £30. £48 hours notice is required for cancellation or fee will be charged.

Online Lessons?
The login password for my online lesson page is only aviable to my private students. But there is a great resources on my links page.

Do you teach complete beginners?
Yes, i teach all levels of ability, about half of my students are complete beginners.

Should i bring my own Guitar?
Yes, but there is no need to being any AMPS, Effects or leads.

Do you do home visits?
Yes, I'm very busy between schools and provate work, but please give me a call to find out more.

Do you teach childen?
Yes, i do teach children, I have over 10 years experiance with this and im RGT registered teacher. I always recomment that parents stay for the 1st lesson, "I have a waiting room available.
Helping Organizations and Schools?
As a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, and being an experianced music teacher, I try to give as much time and advice as i can to schools and orgonizations alike. Even teaching students and classes with no charge. Please give me a call and if I have time I will be more then willing to help your school or organization out.
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