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Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 5
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 5

Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 3
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 3

Electric Guitar Handbook Preliminary Grade
Electric Guitar Handbook Preliminary Grade

Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 2
Electric Guitar Handbook Grade 2


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As a guitar tutor i have been teaching one to one lessons to all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced students for over 10 years. i teach all styles in both electric and acoustic guitars and can advise you exactly what you need to know, unlike courses, my lessons are tailored specifically for you.

Guitar Tutor

peterlondon.pngMy experience as a guitar tutor takes me from teaching  private one to one lesson to group lessons in schools, helping students  with  GCSE and A level performances, recordings, and music theory. I'm a registered guitar tutor with the Registry of Guitar Tutors and can help students achieve all graded exams from 1-8 which are validated by hames Valley University and approved by the Curriculum Authority. UCAS points are awarded to RGT exams from grade 6 onwards.... (see Exam page for full details).



Students often progress to an advnaced level where they are preforiming and wish to record their own music. With in my lessons i provide all the facilities needed to not only help but educatade the students on how to produce a professionaly sounding CD demo. We use the latest versions of industry standard Logic Pro which once learnt can become very valuable to them. If you wish just to learn about recording you can book lessons on recording techniques; Mixing, FX, Layering/Tracking Guitars and using Logic Pro seprately to you normal guitar lessons. See Recording for more information



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My passion is song writing and producing not just my own songs but also collaborating with other songwriters and artists. For links to hear my music aswell as songwriters and artist I have collaborated with please click on the link below to visist my sister website, A1 Guitar Music (Go to A1GuitarMusic.com).


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